Ignore multiple rows in a column sort?

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I have an Excel SS with multiple columns of data. I have some rows interspersed with that data that I want to have ignored or not included in a column data sort. I want the row left in place and the rest of the data sorted around or above and below these excluded rows. How can I do this? Thanks.

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You'd have to hide the rows that you don't want to be sorted.

@Hans Vogelaar Thanks Hans. I do not want to hide them. I want them to remain visible and in place after the sort.


As far as I know, sorting in Excel doesn't work that way, so what you want is not possible.


You might create a macro that:

  • Hides the rows you don't want to sort.
  • Sorts the range on the column(s) you want.
  • Unhides all rows.
Thank you Hans. I will try that. Appreciate your comment and help.