I have a question about formulas

How I hide all formulas. can not see in any formula cells

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Hi @sf49ers164480 


in order to hide the formulas, first you need to set a checkbox in the format cells settings and second you need to protect the worksheet.


Here is an example.

Formual in B6 is visible:


Right-click in B6 and choose "Format cells...":


Open the "Protection" tab and tick the "Hidden" checkbox:


Open menu "Review | Protect Sheet":


...and just confirm all settings in the next window. If you want, you can also enter a password there (which you better not forget!)


Now the worksheet is protected an the formula in cell B6 is not visible anymore:


You need to repeat this for all formula cells.

Or you can just highlight all cells in your worksheet and do the formatting for all of them. But note, that by default all cells have also the "Locked" checkbox ticked. So you need to untick this checkbox for all cells where the user needs to enter something:



Otherwise all cells are locked.





Sorry to have waised your time I was looking for fendly helpnot a procedure R Sr