Hyperlinks doesn't work anymore after upgrade.

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After upgrading to Microsoft 365 Version 16.59 (Dutch) the hyperlinks in my Excel file doen't work anymore. I get a warning that the file cannot be opend. When I make a new hyperlink Excel ask the first time I open a link to a picture for "additional permissions" which is "need access to the file". How can I give Excel that premission to all my pictures at once? It are more than 1500 pictures are linked.

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No solution?

I have the same problem. @Renno7a, any solution?


In this case, I believe the updates (and version of Excel) are incidental.  I've seen this issue crop up consistently since Excel 2003.


For some reason, direct hyperlinks to network files tend to break over time.  Linking to folders seems to be OK.


My go-to solution for this is to disable 'Update links on save'.  Note: this won't fix broken links. You'll have to rebuild them but it may prevent this from happening again.




@Patrick2788thanks for your reply. I know that problem too and I live with it ;) This is different. After update KB5015807 I first receive the follow up screen (see below in dutch: are you sure it's safe?), after that the file will not start with the error message "there is no application regristred to open this file (below the screenshot in dutch). Rolling back the update solves the issue. The file has 5000 hyperlinks and is working fine (most of the time) for 7 years allready. Any ideas are welcome.







I checked the list of known issues for that update.

I don't see anything which would cause issues for you in Excel but that list is going off what's been reported so far.

@Patrick2788 Thanks for your reply. I found out the issue has a different cause. I use windows media player to play music from a hyperlink in an excel sheet for dance workshops. Apperently windows media player is not supported anymore for this action since the update. Setting are oké (standard app etc.). If I use any other media player it works normally. Need to search now for a small quality mediaplayer with minimum other functions ;)



That makes sense. Windows Media Player is not in great shape these days. I believe Microsoft prefers if people use Groove or something else.
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