Hyperlink Cells with VLOOKUP

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I have cells with initials and hyperlinks to email addresses that open in Outlook, include any necessary Ccs, and include the subject. On another worksheet within the same workbook I have cells that show the same initials based on a separate database report. I want to lookup the initials and return the hyperlinked initials.


My current formula returning, "Cannot open the specified file.":



(S2,= data import showing initials to send email to

'FL Email'!$E$2:$E$100 = area where initials with hyperlinked data is stored


Is HYPERLINK going to work since I don't need to 'build' a hyperlink? Is there an actual way to do this?

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Your VLOOKUP will return the value of S2, i.e. the initials. That is not valid as a hyperlink, of course.

If you enter the hyperlink addresses in column F of the FL Email sheet, you could use