How to save copies of individual sheets from a workbook, separately from the workbook or ... ?




I created a workbook with four sheets:


"Chart Note" (pulls info from the "dataset" sheets)
"Charge Slip" (pulls info from the "Chart Note" sheet)


The workbook will eventually have probably at least 25 sheets that pull data from each other and the dataset sheets.


When the doctor completes, for example, a "Chart Note" and a "Charge Slip" in the workbook she needs to save those separately/individually from the entire workbook, to the patient's chart and have the info remain intact.


Is that possible?


If not, is there any way to accomplish what I'm trying to do, whether with Excel alone or Excel and Word working together?


If we don't save them separately & individually then when something in the "dataset" changes (such as fees) that'll cause all the prior completed sheets to automatically change to the updated fees but those already-completed sheets need to remain as is if that makes sense?


Not sure how to accomplish my goal.


Thank you so much!!

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