HOW TO: "If cell contains specific text then return specific text"

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If I have a list of things, and I want to have the return from another list if it contains certain keywords.


In the appendix of file, the column A is the original list, and I want to have it return "good" in B2 if A2 contains "apple", and return "nice" in B3 if A3 contains "help". Just to search if contains words in column E will return the result in column F.


I noticed from similar questions that I could repeatedly using the if formula to accomplish the goal, but just wondering if have better and neat way to reach the purpose?


"no match")))


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Very helpful, thanks so much!
Thanks for the quick solution!!

Brilliant ! This helped so much!


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this! :)just what I was looking for, which i couldn't seem to find anywhere else!


Saved me a lot of time!

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