How to populate a calendar with existing dates

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Hi everyone,


I manage training programs for my company and I'm trying to figure out how I can populate an annual calendar with existing dates of training courses. I'd need this calendar to be dynamic so that it updates as I modify the dates. I'm not able to attached a sample file here and also not able to share an one drive link as I'm using my company's laptop. But below is the calendar I selected and trying to populate with the following dates

Event TitleStart DateEnd Date
Event 11/24/20231/26/2023
Event 210/26/202210/27/2022
Event 37/17/20237/21/2023
Event 41/24/20231/24/2023
Event 59/12/202212/15/2023
Event 66/12/20236/16/2023
Event 710/16/202310/20/2023
Event 85/4/20235/9/2023
Event 96/1/20236/2/2023
Event 108/10/20238/12/2023




Any help would be much appreciated!!


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The issue I have with the template in automating the events are the breaks in the data. The way the template is laid out, at minimum 12 formulas would need to be placed in the sheet to make this run.

I think a better approach might be to create a formula that generates the entire calendar and pulls the events all in one motion - 1 formula. Do you happen to know the version of Excel you're using? If you're on 365, the detail needed is the update channel found in File | Account | About Excel.