How to make this diagram in Excel.

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I need a digram with 3 curves,

- Uper values

- Optimum values

- Lover values


How should I do this?


Best regards

- Geiroptimalkurve.png

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@Geir Hogstad 

Create a source range with x-values in the first column, lower values (where available) in the second column, optimal values in the third column, and upper values (where available) in the fourth column.

Create an XY Scatter chart from the source range.

Thank you @Hans Vogelaar They are "always" available. It should excactly like the example.


Al I get is a stright line. 


Best regards

- Geir

@Geir Hogstad 

The data in your workbook look completely different from the data behind the chart in the picture!


Nedre grense and Øvre are completely blank, and Optimal = x verdier, so you get a straight line indeed.