How to make a list of averages by label

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I track crop steering data at a legal medical cannabis grow in MD.  Using Excel in Office 365. I have made a spreadsheet for one of our facilities that is laid out like a table map of the room.  Each "table" is a block of 3 cells. The top one is a drop down menu of the strain names being grown, to label what strain is on that table. The 2 cells below show the VPD and DLI respectively that is read on that table.  These numbers are entered by hand after being calculated in a column next to the main table map chart.


I was trying to put a quick reference next to the table map that populates from the data in the table map.  It has a column that shows the number of tables that contain each strain.  Did this with a "COUNTIF" formula.  I would like the 2 columns following that one in the chart to show the average of VPD by strain and average of DLI by strain.


I am not sure how to get Excel to look at the table map as an array of 3-cell stacks, essentially making a list of the cells that contain like strain names and taking separate averages of the cells one cell below the one with text in it and 2 cells below the one with text in it.  Does that make any sense at all?

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You wrote: Does that make any sense at all?


To which I'd have to reply, "Not very much."


If you're able to do so, I'd highly recommend attaching a copy of the spreadsheet/workbook. If you can't do it here to the public board, use the Private Message capability to send it to me privately (click on my user name and select "Message").