How to Get unlocked Row of Reference Cell to Change

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I have a workbook where I have a multi conditional SUMIFS formula where the only changing references are two row numbers from another sheet. when I try to drag copy the formula across my table, the unlocked rows in the cell references won't change.


Does anyone know how I can get this formula to copy across the columns with the unlocked row changing sequentially?


This is the formula

=SUM(SUMIFS(Invoices!$F$3:$F$151,Invoices!$A$3:$A$151,'Reference Sheet'!$F$6,Invoices!$B$3:$B$151,"Contract",Invoices!$E$3:$E$151,">="&'Reference Sheet'!$B4,Invoices!$E$3:$E$151,"<="&'Reference Sheet'!$C4))


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@RSBNY199 Dragging across, meaning left to right. Correct? Then, it doesn't matter if the row number is relative (without the $) or absolute (with the $). A relative row number will, however, increment when you drag the formula down.