How to do continuous numbering with breaks?

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Hello, a complete novice in terms of Excel but I have been tasked with creating a list of names that will be subject to change. How do I go about numbering in a way that allows for additional rows to be added? 

any help is much appreciated. 

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In Excel on mobile, you can use a formula to create a continuous numbering system that accommodates breaks for added rows. Here's a simple method using Excel's built-in functions:

1. Insert a Column for the Numbering: Tap on the top of the column to select the entire column. Then, tap on the "Insert" option in the menu that appears, and select "Insert Sheet Rows" to insert a new column to the left of your list of names.

2. Enter the Formula: Tap on the first cell in the new column (let's say it's cell A2) and enter the following formula:


Replace B2 with the cell reference of the first cell in your list of names. This formula checks if there's a name in the corresponding row in column B. If there is, it counts the number of non-blank cells above it in column B.

3. Drag the Fill Handle: Tap and hold the fill handle (a small square at the bottom-right corner of the cell), then drag it down to fill the formula for all the rows where you have names. This will automatically adjust the numbering as you add or remove names.

Now, whenever you add a new name in the list, the numbering in column A will adjust accordingly. If you delete a name, the numbering will update as well. This method ensures continuous numbering even with added or deleted rows.

Remember, on mobile devices, you might need to tap and hold or use other gestures to perform actions like dragging the fill handle. Experiment with your device's interface to get familiar with these actions. The text was created with the help of AI.


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Hope this will help you.


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