How to disable sequential numbering for a *specific* column in spreadsheet?

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Would anyone be kind enough to help me solve disabling sequential numbering for specific columns in my spreadsheet? It's confidential information for work so I cannot share but essentially I want to drag a row down to automatically copy cells instead of filling series by default. So if I had something like TELC-18Z009, I want it to copy instead of TELC-18Z010, 11, etc. 


I know I can outright disable the drag + fill feature, but the sequential numbering feature is useful for other columns I have in the spreadsheet. I know that I can also hold ctrl as I drag and fill but I'd like to stop doing that and just straight up drag + fill instead. I've tried changing the column 'Number format' to 'Text' but that hasn't resulted in anything new. 


Also curious to hear if there's a way to change the default outcome after dragging + filling. For some of my columns the pop-out button is 'Copy Cells' and for others it is 'Fill Series'. If I can find a way to force it to default to one or the other that would also be a great workaround. 


Thank you!


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@TonyOne_Savage Press and hold the alt-key while dragging down. That should do it.

One workaround is that you can use a formula
That way if you drag, you just copy the formula and the value is always the same.
For me it is the <ctrl> key that will stop the increment (force copy instead of sequence) as noted in the original post.
That said another alternative I found is you can click and drag using the right mouse button and it will bring up a contextual menu with multiple options (similar to pop-out button but automatically opens). Not sure that really solves the original complaint though.

@TonyOne_Savage I'm a little late to the game here, but this one bugged me, too!

I solved the issue by formatting the column as General, as formatting it as Text or Number (with no decimal spaces) caused it to pull in sequence.