How to copy a cell from all tabs to another cell in all tabs

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Within one tab I need to copy the total score given in one cell to another cell. Then I need to do this for all tabs. Each tab will have a different result. Basically I have the marks of my students in one cell. I realized that I need to scroll up (From the total of their score to their name to see who it is.) Hence by creating another cell, somewhere to the right of their name I could insert their total there. In so doing I will not need to scroll up and down in each tab. Is there a way to do so?

BTW my version is Office 2010.

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You can get the value of any cell in another cell. Type the = sign and then click on the cell you want to get the value from. Suppose you typed = and then clicked on cell B10, you should now have a formula in your cell that looks like this:
Now press Enter and your cell should reflect whatever is in cell B10.

@Jan Karel PieterseThank you Jan. If I understand correctly your method is not any different than simply cutting and pasting from one cell to another. Perhaps I did not explain myself well or did not understand your answer.

I want to do one command, similar to cut and paste from one cell to another but this one command would cut and paste the total of tab 1 cell X to the 2nd cell (Cell Z) in tab one, and then through this one command (which would not have to be repeated) I would see the same thing in all other tabs.  In other words tab 2 would have cell X copied to its cell Z, tab 3 would have its cell X copied to its cell Z, and tab 4 would have its cell X copied to its cell Z, and so on so forth for all 30 tabs

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You can group tabs and any formula you enter in a cell will be entered in that same cell on all grouped tabs. Simply click the first tab and -if the tabs are in consecutive order- shift+click the last tab. Now enter that formula. When done, remember to ungroup the tabs: right-click any of the tabs and choose Ungroup.

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Thank you so much. Extremely appreciated.