How can I nest functions using equation editor?

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I want to use nested IF functions to show the level of the employees. However, I don't know how to edit the NESTED functions in the equation editor.

More accurately, I want to edit nest IF function in the ''Value_if_false" input box. However, I don't want to directly type =if(...),The problem I am facing.png

I hope that Excel will pop up a new equation editor window so I can input the parameter of the nested IF function.

What I want to ....pngEagerly waiting for replies.

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Device and OS platform: Mac/macOS Big Sur 11.2.3

Excel product name and version number: 16.49 with a Microsoft 365 subscription


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Afraid that's the only way. However, you may use

=LOOKUP(D2, {0,60,100,150,200}, {0,10000,15000,25000,50000})

instead if nested IF()

@Sergei Baklan Thanks for your help. Your method is of high efficiency.

Now I found IFS function is much easier to use than the nested IF functions.


In general yes. Two simple rules

- IFS() stops working on first condition met and ignores the rest;

- if no one condition met it returns #N/A error, thus it's always better to add TRUE condition at the end to return more informative result, e.g. =IFS(0,5, TRUE, "nothing met")