Highlight Blank Cells Only In Rows That Contain Data

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Hello, we track certain information and my employees sometimes forget/miss filling in some cells. Is there a way that if they start typing in a certain row, any cell that is left blank will turn a color until it is filled in? I have figured out how to highlight blank cells, but it is highlighting all blank cells after the data as well and is making our tracking sheet look sloppy. I'm hoping to figure out how to only highligh

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Hi @bramsburg 




with above sample, Cond. Format. rule (Use a formula...) that applies to $A$2:$F$5:




@L z. You are the best! I'm not sure how it works, but it's working perfectly! Thank you so much!


Glad this helps. If this can help you understand the following does the same thing:

=AND(COUNTA($A2:$F2) > 0, ISBLANK(A2))


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