Help with process to separate data from one excel file in multiple files in bulk

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Hi All,


I have a process which is very volume intensive, however the system uploading the data is only able to extract and upload one row (a days) worth of data per an excel file. Given the large volume of data which needs to be uploaded, I am wondering if there is a way I can split information from one excel into multiple files. The goal is aiming to avoid manually copying and pasting rows of data, then saving as a separate file.


For the required information I have an excel file which contains all of the data which I need to separate into multiple excel files. The files I need to generate as an output require a specific naming convention. All the data is in the same format. For example if I have fund name "Fund 1", then the date is 1/11/2022. I need to save the file name as "Fund1.1-Nov-2022.xlxs".


Sample of the data, output file required and construction of the naming convention is attached. I would greatly appreciate any insights or assistance on how to potentially solve this issue.


Many thanks and greatly appreciate any help in advance,

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I do not know where to attach files in this forum. i can use an online tool to split sheet. I wonder if it is ok for you.
hi, thank you for the information, very much appreciated. What is the name of the online tool?

Many thanks
Great, thank you very much. This is very helpful, and very much appreciated.