Help with formulas for scientific notation

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I am learning scientific notation and I am Excel dumb. I need to learn how to create formulas. I am stuck. y=3x^+6x/2x

if x=5. I need to write the formula in excel for that equation, having a hard time.

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Please double-check the equation. It makes little sense as you posted it...

y=3x^2+6x/2x. It’s how the text book has it. So I need to learn how to turn that into a formula where x=5, I need to write the formula for cell Ya


The main point is that you always have to indicate multiplication explicitly by using the * operator. It cannot be implicit as in the math expression 6x. You must use 6*x.


Enter the value 5 (for x) in a cell, say in A1.

In another cell, say B1, enter the following formula for y:




or, since 6x/2x = 3: