Help with Excel Formula to find the price based on industry and number of transactions

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Hope you are doing well!..I am trying to determine the price for my input table which has the specific industry type and the average monthly transactions based on the reference table 1 which has the price for different industries (these represent the A tier prices) and the reference table 2 which classifies the price tier based on the average monthly transactions..Reference table 1 has the price for pricing tier A for all the industries .. The price for tier B is calculated as 90% of price of Tier A price; the price for tier C is calculated as 90% of price of Tier B price and so on...Can you please help here...Attached the sample excel workbook with the input tables and the expected output table..


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Change 10001+ in Input!M7 to 10001.

If you have Microsoft 365 or Office 2021, in C2:




If you have an older version:




Fill down.