** HELP ** Power Query and Manual Text Out of Sync after refresh

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Hi All,


I'm wondering if you can help. I have a Power Query which is pulling data from Smartsheets; however, when that data is put into Excel, we inserted a column (outside of the query) where we want to add manual text for updates, etc. The issue we're experiencing is that the text is then misaligning when that data is refreshed.


I'm assuming its because new data is being pulled through and moving it out, is there anyway to resolve this issue?

@Hans Vogelaar - not sure if this is something you can help with?

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Power Query doesn't sync manually added column, by default it has no idea of it. Workaround is to query returned into the greed table, merge it with the source query and return result into the grid. All steps are to be in one query.

Google self-referencing query for more details.


I hardly use PowerQuery, sorry.