Help please - Time elapsed as percentage with 100% cap and no negative values

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Hi all, 


I have the below table:




I would like the Percent Completed column to show the time elapsed as a percentage, but with the following features:


Capping at 100% for tasks whose end date has passed

Not showing negative values for tasks not yet started

Remaining blank if no date is available


I have been playing with IFs for ages this morning, but can't seem to crack it. 





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In G4:


Format as a percentage and fill down.

@Hans Vogelaar I'm afraid that's not working - I'm getting 100% in some tasks not started or with dates in the future





Could you attach a small sample workbook demonstrating the problem, without sensitive information?

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The formula that I posted was for row 4 (as I mentioned), not for row 2.

I have attached a version with structured table references.