Help Creating a Formula For Amazon FBA Fees (Profit/Loss)

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Hello, I would like some help or advice in creating a calculation/formula within excel to figure profit/loss. 

Its for Amazon FBA Fees. I have the number figures that Amazon uses for products in the "Book" category. 

Fees Breakdown:

- Book Category Fee = 15%

- Closing Fee = $1.80

Ideally I'd like the formula to take my cost * 15% + 1.80 = X 
Then I can take that figure (X) and subtract it from the price the product sold for



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Hi @RKD2313 


I am not sure if I understand you right, anyhow this is what I understood:

the formula should be like this ( I assume x is the sale price)    x=cost * 15% + 1.80 

then, a second formula should be:  profit =sale prices- cost


check the file attached