Have my formulas copy while skipping 3 lines down at a time

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I am trying to copy down data in an excel sheet that has stacked lines of data that need to be extracted to their own columns.




I am hoping to have Column D(or some other pastable location )be:

D1:  =B1

D2:  = B4

D3: = B7

D4: =B10


Then have E have the next lines data:

E1:  =C1

E2: =C4

E3: = C7

E4: = C10


I'll then do a similar thing in Columns F where:

F1: = B2

F2:  = B5

F3: = B8

F4 = B11


And G

G1: = C2

G2: = C5

G3 = C8

G4 = C11


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work?



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@Russ1023 Use INDEX() with SEQUENCE() function.




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@Harun24HR Thank you very much.



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