Group table lines with cell content

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Hello, absolut newbie here, I've got a table with 1600+ lines, and 20+ columns. Now I want to sort them according to "cell content contains word 'keyword' in column F", or better, mark those which contain my text string in column F with an x in column I.
Please, how can I do that? 

34 views ... Obviously I'm wrong here with my newbie question. Sorry! 
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Excel 16.68
Mac OS Ventura 13.0.1

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Well, probably too easy for you all. :)
I tried =IF(SEARCH("auf",F2,1), x, "") in several variations, but I always get an error message that there's a problem with the function. Can you help me?
Post few sample data and desired output. Better to attach a sample file. We can't understand what your are trying to achieve from your post. So, to illustrate it better way attach sample having desired result.
Close but you might have luck with this: