formular for looking up more than one number

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Hi, I am currently looking for af fomular. 

I have to build a system so that i can look up diffrent numbers, and if the number appears, i needs it's value. The number can appear more than once, and if it does that, i need excel til + all numbers togehter. 

it looking a bit like this: 
i need to look up the number 300. 

300    0,5 
500    0,7 
200    0,4 
501    1,7 
300     0,8
100     1,0 

300     2,0 

in this case i will sum til 0,5+0,8+1,0 = 2,3 

Appreciate all help that i can get  

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Hi @Martinbrandt 


If I understand you clearly. You need to sum all the value associated with 300. In this case, you can use SUMIF or SUMIFS in case you want additional criteria.




See attached worksheet for more.






It was exactly what i was looking for, thanks a lot.

Hi @Martinbrandt 


Great to know it was helpful.


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