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need help with a worksheet used to work out commission earnt.  It has columns where if it contains yes then its value A and then columns where if it contains 1yr its one amount or 2 yr then its another.  also are columns where it has figures that a percentage is earnt, ie 10% of £1000

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I saw the file but I didn't understand it.
Would be something like  



its a commission tracker. the formula needs to go in column K and work out the following:
employees earn 10% of any amount in column E & F
if column G contains yes = £50
if column H contains yes = £30
if column I contains 1yr = £20 or 2yr = £40
if column J contains yes = £30

@stuart395 Calculating with numbers is so much easier than with texts. If you would add the various rates above each column and use 1 for Yes, 0 for No and the the number 1 or 2 for the years of warranty, you can use a simple SUMPRODUCT formula as demonstrated in the attached file. By the way, I don't really understand the purpose of the two bottom rows in the table, but that's for you to judge, of course.