formula for selecting value if matches criteria.

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I have a spreadsheet where the value in column F is the criteria (Yes) in order to include value in column H to create a total cost at end. Is there a formula to do this. Again I'm not all that excel savvy and hope you experts in the community can help me out, my apologies if it's such an easy one. 

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 Thanks in advance, Claire

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You can use SUMIF for this:


=SUMIF(F4:F13, "Yes", H4:H13)


Adjust the ranges if necessary.


Using names created from your headings,

= SUMIFS(Cost, Yes_No, "Yes")


@Hans Vogelaar - THANK YOU ! :-), it worked - many thanks for speedy reply. Thanks once again 

Thank you Peter, it didn't quite work but I can see the potential of using this in another sheet. Thanks once again