Formula for Accounting format



In Cell B6, I have used the formula: ="Please Pay Tk. "&R3


In B6, it is missing the Comma after 262. I need it in Comma format, as it is in Cell R3 (i.e. 262,043.23).


Thanks in advance.




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@Oliullah_Siddique That would be:

="Please Pay Tk. "&TEXT(R3,"#,##0.00")

Thanks a lot @Riny_van_Eekelen

Hi @Oliullah_Siddique 

You can use this formula, also you can play with the form as you want with the text function:


=CONCATENATE("Please Pay Tk.  ",TEXT(R3,"#,##0.00"))

Thank you very much @Jihad Al-Jarady


Another possibility is to use custom number formatting to introduce the additional text

"Please Pay Tk."#,##0.00_-;

"Your are due a refund of Tk."#,##0.00_-;

"Nothing to pay";


Thank you very much @Peter Bartholomew