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Hi all I was hoping to get a little excel formula assistance, 


Imagine I have a list of employees in column A and their supervisors in column B. In column C i'd like the list of the supervisors supervisors. Since the supervisors are listed in column A i should be able to make a formula for this right? 


I have been googling and tinkering with formulas but am still unsuccessful. Heres is an example of something I tried: =INDEX(B2,(MATCH(B2,A:A,0)),1). Im trying to use a value in cell B2 to find value in A:A and return value in column B.


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Please try this:


@dscheikey  thanks for the reply! I tried this out and it doesnt quite work. I get mostly "#N/A"s but for some reason it looks like it works for 3 out of 130 supervisors.


I should mention that the names in both columns come from the same database so the names in column B should not differ from how they'd appear in Column A. I did test this by finding names from column B that came out as #NA and searching for that spelling in column A. They are matching. I also did use the clear the formatting tool on the whole document in case that was an issue.