Formatting Only the Selected Cells...

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I am searching for information on how to select a certain number of cells, ie. C2-C9, C5-C9, C8-C9... by using keyboard strokes only.

Then, right-clicking, and formatting only the selected cells.

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Use the arrow keys to move to the first cell of the range that you want to select.

Hold down shift and use the arrow keys to extend the selection.

Press Ctrl+1 to activate the Format Cells dialog.

Use Ctrl+Tab to move to the next tab of the dialog, Ctrl+Shift+Tab to move to the previous tab.

Use Tab and Shift+Tab to move between the elements of the tab page.


You can select any range, contiguous or not, on a worksheet as follows:

Press F5 or Ctrl+G to activate the Go To dialog.

Enter the range address in the Reference box. Separate areas with the list separator (probably a comma on your system), e.g.