Filter dates previous Wednesday to Tuesday (Power Query or formula)


EDIT: Have updated this as I've worked out some issues but discovered more....


I am trying to use Power Query to combine some monthly data into weekly chunks provided by 5 different offices.


The specific data isn't too tricky, but it's divided up in a way that makes it hard to get the days I want in all circumstances.

Each office has a report split into Monthly worksheets (Jan-22, Feb-22 etc)


Individual Days/Dates end up as the Column Headers. 


I have been able to get PQ to sort down to the current Month worksheet, and then show dates for previous week. 


However, I'm struggling to work out how to cover for end of month, where, for instance, that current month will be July, but I want to get the data for the last week of June. 

(Have been able to sort out getting previous month to show when you're in the next month.)


I haven't confirmed yet, but I believe the report might need to be Wednesday to Tuesday, not Sunday to Saturday. (This issue is now secondary to a problem with using the dates as column headers.)


If I promote the dates to be the column header, as per this pic, then the formula is looking the exact value of the current month it is, as soon as you go to the next month, you get errors, because it can't find 1/7/22, for instance, and instead finds 1/8/22. 



I know very little of M code, I assume there is a formula that could get it to look for dynamic data in column names?



Have attached an updated demo version of the basic data.

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@davidmaddock54 The workbook you attached contains a sheet for January with nothing in it and one for February with some data in it. You mention that you were "able to get PQ to sort down to the current Month worksheet", but you don't include the query(s) nor the results of it. And you don't show what the expected outcome should be if it's around the end of the month.

Please upload a file that give a more complete picture of what you are dealing with.

Oops. Something didn't save. Thanks Riny. Will have a look and update.
I have updated the OP and the attachment. After further work, my issue currently lies with the formula used to promote first column to headers. Hopefully it all makes more sense now.

@davidmaddock54 Thanks! I see the queries but not much is going on. They connect to tables. You unpivot and append two of them (Previous and Current)into one. Is it that you want to connect to all data and then do some analysis based on what's in the current month vs. the previous month? And the issue then may be that when you do work on say June and July in the beginning of August, the current month should still be July and the previous would be June. Please clarify. In the meantime, have a look at the attached file, where I connected to all tables in the sheet and dynamically selected what is Previous and what is Current. Perhaps something to get you started, though it does require some M-code manipulation.

@Riny_van_Eekelen Thanks again! What you've done is very handy for me to see some of the options with M-code.
The step that is the issue is actually before that when the dates get promoted to header. In the actual spreadsheet the data is being sourced using sharepoint folder location, then the worksheet titles get turned to dates and filtered by last month and current month etc. That's all fine now, the step that's had me hit a wall is this one:



Pic on top is how the data comes in, so the column headers are messy. I remove top row, then Promote the Date row to Headers.


But if you look in the OP at the pic of the actual M-code for doing that, it's looking for the specific dates, so ("1/7/22", text) etc for current month. The problem with that being the code is that it then has an error when you go to the next month and then July becomes previous, it's still looking for 1/7/22 and finds 1/8/22. (And for previous month the code is looking for 1/6/22 and finds 1/7/22)


Does that make sense?




=table.TransformColumntypes(#"Promoted Headers", (("Name", type text), ("1/7/2022", type text)

I'm not sure on syntax or formula with M-Code, but where it says "1/7/2022" it probably needs to be something that goes: this is a date (not a specific date) just promote it. unsure if I can do something like ("##/##/####", type date) or ("DD/MM/YYYY", type date) and get it to be dynamic, I feel like there'll need to be another step.

@davidmaddock54 Indeed, when you change column types like that via the user interface, all column names get hard-coded. In your case, though, the Promote Header step already created text data types for all, so you don't need to do that again. Better to leave them as they are, unpivot and then set the correct data types on the three resulting columns (Name, Attribute and Value).