Excel TAKE() Office 365 formula disappeared suddenly on Mac

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I started using the TAKE() (Office 365 function) in a workbook this week and it was working just fine, but yesterday it suddenly gave a _xlfn. prefix. I double checked my license and confirmed my excel license is using Office 365 and I even reinstalled Excel, but I can't even see the TAKE function in my formulas tab anymore in my desktop app.


According to the Microsoft help page this function is available in the following builds 

Windows: 2208 (Build 15601)
Mac: 16.65 (Build 220911)
Web: introduced 15-Sep-2022
iOS: 2.65 (Build 220905)
Android: 16.0.15629

I'm currently running a Mac: 16.70 (Build 23010400) 

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I am facing the same problem. Do you get solution ?

@sids291 I found that the TAKE() formula did reappear eventually after a few days. Still not sure what was the cause however.

@Nathan222 Ok. So I have to wait or try randomly to fix it.