Excel sorting one column only

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How do I sort one column of text in alphabetical order without all the other adjacent columns also sorting?

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If you highlight just the column you want to sort, then under sort & Filter in the home tab, hit sort A-Z, then press the "continue with current selection" option. This will only sort the selected data, leaving the data next to it alone.




But that doesn't work. The "Continue with the current selection" box warning does not come up and sorts all the columns.
Try custom sort? I can't get the box to not pop up when selecting data that's along side other data. Could there be hidden columns?

No hidden columns and when I go to custom sort the whole table gets highlighted automatically @DKoontz perhaps it is to do with the table format?

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Ah yeah that would be it. You have to take it out of the table in order to sort just one column. If your data is in a table it's assumed that each row is its own entry, switching around data between rows in a table would mess things up.
Yes, I think that's cracked it. Is there a way of taking into out of the Table or do I need to copy the data to a new tab and delete the current tab?
Yeah! Right click anywhere in the table > table > convert to range
Amazing, thank you so much. Would never of worked that out.
Glad I could help!