Excel's formula bar is stuck in 1992 (feature request?)

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Hi All,

I'm under impression that the only one thing in Excel that does not improve or evolve is formula bar which is very simple text field that allows to put text in it. This text can be very complicated, with many nested formulas. But we see single piece (blob) of text that is very hard to read and understand. I would love to see micro editor or tiny IDE that allows formula formatting for greater readability, some code hints basic intellisense etc. This editor could do a lot! Current plain text field in this great peace of software is anachronism. I hope you get my point. Would love to see some major improvements there. Good luck!

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I understand your frustration with the Excel formula bar and your desire for a better editing experience. While the formula bar in Excel is designed to handle complex formulas, it lacks advanced features like formula formatting and code hints.

It is worth noting that Microsoft is constantly working to improve Excel and add new features based on user feedback. While I don't have or can't provide information on specific future updates or features, please send your suggestion to Microsoft.

By sharing your idea, you increase the chances that Microsoft will consider and implement it in a future Excel version.

I hope this information is helpful and I encourage you to share your suggestion with Microsoft to help further develop Excel.

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Why don't use Advanced Formula Editor which is Microsoft Garage project?