Excel roundup decimal 0.15 problem

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hi team, Kindly look out the excel which i have added. can u pls checked the calculation.when i subtracted cell C with cell D i have result in cell cell E(here no issues).but when i round of the result i got answer in cell F(here is the issue).look out when decimal 0.25 will be round to 0.3 & 0.35 to 0.4 but why 0.15 to 0.1?(expected is 0.2) yellow highlighted provide the answer/reason?we hav pblm in business.
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That's since 20.15-20 actually is equal to 


The workaround is


I also can confirm that the actual # is 0.149 which rounds down and needs to have a "round" function added. Please mark the first comment with this answer as correct! @Neelakandan2408 


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