Excel Power Query Not Refreshing - No Error Message

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I've tried several times to have power query refresh, however it isn't working. I've added new data in. Some of the queries refresh, but not the bigger one's. What is the problem here???

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@Caleb945 : I'm having the same issue. I have been able to run the same set of queries for several months and as of this week, the import query does not include the full range of data. It is not an issue with the underlying data nor is it an issue with the query. Steps taken to trouble shoot


1. Had a coworker update the source query with his user name - Refreshed the full set of data.  

   a. Switched back to mine, and cut off data again, so we assumed it was a cache issue.

2. Cleared Cache: Same problem.


I'm checking permissions now and if that is the problem, I'll add to this thread. All I can say at this point is that I've seen several similar posts and the responses either didn't resolve the problem or assumed user error.  Anyone with an urge to respond with "check your query", "save your underlying file", please don't. Not trying to be rude, just letting you know in advance that those trouble shooting resolutions have already been suggested in other threads.


Thank you.