Excel not working properly since updating to Windows 11

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Since I have updated my PC to windows 11 Excel has not been working properly. Every 5 min the sheets seem to be unresponsive when I click on a tab or anywhere on the excel page. To make it work again I have to constantly reduce the window and reopen it. This is very frustrating as it happens very often. I have tried to start excel in safe mode or disable add-ins but the bug continues.


Thank you 

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I'm on Win 11 from its very beginning, never had such issues. Is it the same for other Office apps, i.e. Word? Do you have something in XLSTART ?


Thank you for your reply.
Nothing in XLSTART. Regarding the other Office apps, I haven't used them as much as Excel but from my tests they do not seem to have the same issues


If that's as well for created from scratch new Excel workbook - when have no idea, sorry.

Well that was helpful... Thank you@Sergei Baklan 

I'm experiencing the same. Happens randomly. Unresponsive until I reduce window / reopen it - or switch to a different worksheet in a different window.


I don't seem to be the only person with who this is happening. A friend of mine is also having the same issue. Excel is my main tool of work and some days it is just unusable anymore where I have to reduce and reopen the window for every formula I am typing. I have tried to reinstall as well as repair Office several times but nothing seems to work.


Could someone please attend to this matter please!

i am having an issue with backspace key and number pad  backspace wipes out everything on a row   keypad works incorrectly ok if I use numbers om keyboard :(



I think I have exactly the same issue.


Under windows 11, the mouse pointer in Excel occasionally does not work anywhere inside the excel sheet. Normally when you point it to an area inside the sheet the pointer turns to a cross to accept input. When it does not work, it stays as a pointer and no input is possible. When this happens, the following brings it back to life

1. click other open windows (not excel) and click back to Excel

2. move the horizontal slide bar to move the sheet horizontally


I have not tried reducing and re-opening the sheet, so can't say whether this will do it also.

I have three PCs that show this exact problem. Two were upgraded from Windows 10 (supported hardware and ungraded via the Windows upgrade channel), and the third is a new PC that came with Windows 11.


This is the list of things I tried with no result.


1. reinstalled Windows 11 (returned to Win10 and upgraded again, fresh install of Windows 11) in all three PCs

2. Online repair of Office 365

3. Uninstall and re-install of Office 365

4. Removing all Excel Addins.


I called Microsoft office help, and they remote-controlled my PC and online repaired Office 365 and tried a bunch of things with no result.


Sometimes, it is so bad and I can not work on any sheet, and almost every cell entry is frozen and needed to be brought back using the above two methods. I don't think the Microsoft help team knows what the problem is and thinks that online repair will fix it. Well, it did not and I think the problem is with Windows 11, not Excel.


I can go back to Windows 10 on two of the three PCS but the one that came with Windows 11 is stuck with this problem.


If anybody can suggest a potential fix, It would be greatly appreciated.



I'm on Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2204 Build 16.0.15121.20000) 64-bit with Windows 11 and am still experiencing the same problems as you.  It's intermittent but occurs regularly.   I lose the ability to click on a cell to select it.  Strangely, if I click the ribbon and wait for a tooltip to appear, the ability comes back and everything returns to normal.  Sometimes I find it occurring if I hold down the right or left arrow keys to quickly move many cells at once. 



Same here. But did not try waiting for the tool tip to appear.


My version of Excel is the latest

Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2202 Build 16.0.14931.20128) 64-bit


Another issue was a very long delay (>1min) when starting Excel from windows boot. A second Excel start is quick, though. This was due to a Dropbox addin. After removing it, Excel starts fine.


So, I suspect that Excel does not work well under Windows 11. No issues under Windows 10.


I hope they fix the non-response issue soon, otherwise, I will have to return to windows 10 on the two PCs I have although I am stuck with Windows 11 on a new PC.



Yes, same here I have spoken with Microsoft Help 4 times and they clearly do not understand what is happening or what the issue is. One of the times they even made my PC unusable, really disappointed by them...


I hope Microsoft finds how to resolve this problem asap as Excel is a working tool most a lot of people...  


Perhaps that's due to other software installed. I'm on Windows 11 for relatively long while, both with Excel on Current and Beta channels - no such issues.

@Sergei Baklan 


Perhaps. However, when I fresh installed Windows 11 and installed only Office 365, the problem was there as well. Granted that there were pre-installed Dell software, but I don't think these were the culprits as my third PC is Microsoft Surface Book 3 with no such software installed and yet behaves the same way with Excel under Windows 11. I eliminated all the services that were running as possible, but was unable to eliminate the problem. So I believe that it is Excel 365 and Windows 11 not working well together, rather than other software or addin interference.


I do hope that Windows 11 updates will fix this sooner rather than later.

Having same problems for a while now. Very annoying. Have to close all Excel files and open again. Especially when working in different Excel files in different windows. I sometimes change from WIFI to cable mouse then works for a few clicks then nothing again. Can Microsoft please stop blaming "other" software installed and fix this. I do NOT have time to open and close Excel files every few minutes just to work for a few seconds.

@Chris Botha Thank you. So many people are actually having this problem. Excel is an important tool of work and Microsoft keep avoiding to take the blame and fix it

It is so frustrating!!! Driving me up the walls. I have massive files with Power Query links and they keep freezing up with the mouse.
I am having exactly the same issue since upgrading to Windows 11.... i have tried uninstall + reinstall MS office and it does not seems to help!

I have the same problem for months now after upgrading to Windows 11. I see others too. Therefore, it affects many of us.


I use the remedy of moving the horizontal slide bar. But it really frustrates me every time, especially when you’re in a hurry in completing a workbook.

I am new to this forum, and found it after googling the Excel problem.  I too am experiencing problems with Excel after upgrading to Windows 11.  I was reluctant to upgrade due to this type of concern.


Excel is very frequently unresponsive and basically freezes.  I believe I have noticed a progress bar labeled "Rows" at the bottom that very slowly fills up.


I am starting a project next week, and am considering uninstalling Windows 11 if that is possible.