Excel Links are broken/cant be located

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When opening an older excel document, I first get a message to update the excel.

But it fails and gives me the following messages.


I then logged into OneDrive where the file is saved and it gives me a few more options. (as shown below in the snap shots)


What will happen if I select break links?

Will the formulas still work? 

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I advise not to click Break links. It will turn any formula that contains the link into a hard-coded value! Instead, open the file in desktop Excel and us e a tool like FINDLINK to work out where your link is used exactly: https://manville.org.uk/software/findlink.htm

@Jan Karel Pieterse 


Sorry about the late and long reply.

Thank you very much for this one...
It has helped me to find and replace those links.


Thank you very much!