Excel Linked Pictures duplicating and remaining in place - making workbook unstable

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I am using Linked Pictures to display tables in a Dashboard. I have numerous pictures linked, around 10 - 12. My file size is growing and the Workbook is now very unstable, going into 'Not Responding' after any action.
I have just discovered that each of the Linked Pictures now have multiple copies of it on top of each other. I don't know how many as the Workbook is now very slow and it is difficult to delete the pictures. 

Anyone know why there are duplicate pictures piled up on top of each other?

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If you have a lot of pictures, no matter if you compress them or convert them to gifs to take up little space, it becomes more and more.

Unfortunately, that's how it is with the pictures.

Here is a suggested solution, instead of loading the images onto the Excel file,

simply link them and call them up again and again from the specified folder.

So the storage space is directly the hard disk and not the Excel workbook.

A file with Userform has been inserted here where you can look at it yourself.

I had this file in my archive a long time ago that I unfortunately don't know from where.

Try it out, maybe it suits you as a solution. If not, just ignore it.



I would be happy to know if I could help.



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