EXCEL freezes when using Find and Replace

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Excel freezes and requires rebooting when I use Find and Replace to change text in a spreadsheet. Is anyone experiencing this issue? Any suggestions on fixing this bug? I am using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019. Thank you in advance.

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@ellepacheco Yes, and it is really disturbing my work as well. I tried to open and repair, but it didn't help. I would like to know a possible solution as well.


Microsoft Excel is by far the most widely used spreadsheet for Windows and almost always works smoothly. There are so many ways to find a solution in Excel, and just as many causes for a problem as there can be. 

Sometimes it happens, however, that Excel freezes when it starts or suddenly stops responding when opening a file. Often the problem is not caused by Excel itself, but by additionally installed add-ins or macros or older version sheets or software installed afterwards. Virus scanners and Windows updates are also known sources of error. However, an incorrectly saved Excel table can also cause Excel to hang.


If I may recommend to you, the following solution strategies usually lead to success (not always, but often) when Excel does not work as desired.


Start Excel in Safe Mode

Turn off add-ins

Virus scanner problems

Problems with other programs that use Excel

Change the Windows default printer

Repair Microsoft Office

Recompile macros

Update Excel


Try out Microsoft Office Repair from the Control Panel beforehand, then check for updates and then scour the other options.


Thank you for your understanding and patience

I would be happy to know if I could help.



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