Excel formula external link to workbook on OneDrive returns REF status

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The formula is referencing the external file via this path: 'https://d.docs.live.net/1b1ecec231c6xxx/CapApp/Trail Life/[TL Sales by Item 10-01-2022 to 09-30-2023.xlsx]PT by Item by Month'!$A:$A.

In the desktop app it returns REF.  On the Web-app is functions properly.

Suggestions please.


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As a follow-up I tried the old Edit Links command in excel and it returned as a status "Warning! Values referring to other workbooks were not updated." When I then Open Source the cell formula works perfectly. If I close the file it again fails.
Also, when opening the file with the formula and I opt to update links and no errors are returned. Again when I then F2 and F9 the cell with the formula I get the REF result.
Excel is from Office 365 and is Version 2401 (Build 17231.20182). I apologize but I cannot upload a version of the worksheet because of proprietary information it contains.