Excel formula delimeter

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In formulas I have ";" delimiter -  IF(logical_test;value_if_true;value_if_false).

But I need it to be "," - IF(logical_test,value_if_true,value_if_false).

Can I do it on macbook sonoma 14.1?

I couldn't find anything related in regional configurations on mac or excel confirgurations. 

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Apple menu > System Preferences > Language and Region.

If you want to change the setting for all apps, click Advanced and specify the number and currency separators.

If you want to change it for Excel only, first click Apps. Then click the big + button and add Excel.

Thanks for your reply, but there is no Advanced in Language & Region, all settings are listed directly under Language & Region


I don't have a Mac myself, so I hope that someone who does can help you.



Screenshot 2024-03-24 at 5.53.06 PM.png

thanks, but whatever I choose in Number format, formulas are still with semicolon, it impacts only numbers for me. I also uncheck and checked Use system preferences in Microsoft Excel/Preferences/Edit/, but result was the same


If you clear the check box 'Use system preferences', what is the decimal separator listed below it?