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I have a spreadsheet with a Form Control spin button. When I protect the worksheet, the spin button stays locked even though I unticked the "Locked" option in the format control. I do have a small macro running on the sheet, so I don't know if that's causing a problem with the protection function. I can't choose the "Edit objects" option in the protection list because I have graphic objects on the sheet that need to stay protected. Please help! I need to share this spreadsheet with all staff so leaving it unlocked is not an option.



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Add password unlock at the beginning of the macro and password protection at the end.

See the VBA example.


sub macro()
Worksheets("sheet name").unprotect Password:="test"

your macro statement

Worksheets("sheet name").Protect Password:="test"
end sub 



Hope I was able to help you with this info.



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