Excel for Mac 2016 - VBA Events do not work and code for worksheet_change etc. does not fire

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Hi all,


I would like to finalise my financial planner. Macros implemented via Buttons are working perfectly fine. As I read in many different threads, there is a known issue with Events for the 2016 Mac version, when the code is embedded in a worksheet or in the this workbook module. (e.g. change from label = "General"to "Worksheet"leads to the error message in my screenshot.

Therefore, I tried many things but nothing happened really. After doing already some workarounds (example attached), I simply tried MsgBox or .Value = "10" e.g. but Excel never processed my implemented code.


Worked with different Subs,

like worksheet_change / activate / selection_change and so on. I tried to work with inputs from multiple threads like option explicit, deinstallation of add-ins, restart of application.


The only thing working out is the installation of a button with the piece of code which will be then properly executed. But this is inconvenient since I am changing many values quite frequently and aiming for an immediate update of my pivot charts on my Sheet #1. (Data is coming from lets say #5)


Has anyone ideas what else I could try to fix the issue, the support told me to address the topic in here.


I am super happy if someone could support and give an answer to my very first contribution in an online forum.





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