Excel file with 260k rows

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Hi all , I downloaded an excel file recently that had over 250k row but when I open it it only shows me a total of 100k row ,even when I imported it into Microsoft SQL server it still shows the total is 100k row. Is there a way to get the excel to read all the 250k row the file supposed to have?

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How do you know it contains 250K rows?
Is the worksheet filtered, or have some rows been hidden?
I reviewed the data online before I downloaded it and it showed 267k entry , I tried to unhide rows but nothing happened


Do you mean in Excel for web you see 267000 rows and in desktop version 100000 rows? Or with what you reviewed data online?

In the total online data base I downloaded it from


That's more question to the support of online database. Total could show number of records in entire database, not number of records available for download, or that could be wrong number, whatever. If both Excel and SQL database show 100K that's what online source could allow you to download.