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Hello ,


I would like to add date picker on an excel sheet.

The goal is to create an excel file and have this sent to users to fill in.

When filling the excel, and click on the start date, a calendar dropdown should appear and users select the date from the calendar so as to eliminate different date format and make it unique across the document.


I was able to get a date picker add-in however this wont work because I am sending to users 



please see below:



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@MVPromise ,,,


To get the Date Picker do the following:


  1. Hit the Developer Tab , find & click Design, and next to it is Insert.
  2. From Control at Right bottom find More Control.




  1. Find Microsoft Date & Time Picker Control, version 6.




  1. Select it & finish with Ok.
  2. Now Insert the Date Picker on Sheet.
  3. Right click it, & hit properties.
  4. Find, Linked Cell and insert cell reference in which you want to store Date.
  5. Return to Developer Tab,, click the Design to deactivate it.





Now click the button on Date picker, Excel will pop up the Calendar, select the Date.



Note,, if you want to use much better calendar control then you need to use VBA Macro.






Afraid your users also shall install this third-party add-in to use it.


Out of the box built-in data picker was in older versions of Excel, but not available in modern ones, at least in Office365 versions. You may vote for the idea to add it here Add 'date picker' to enable users to select a date from a mini calendar into cells 



Thank you for your response.

It appears Microsoft date and time picker control isn't available for mine .


Please what version of excel are you using?



Thanks for your response.


I would use the suggestion link sent 

@MVPromise ,,,


Glad to help you,, I'm using both Excel 2013 & 2016 ,,, if you don't have Microsoft Date & Time Picker, then need to manage,,, please Click this,,,  


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@Rajesh_Sinha Aware that this is way after your initial inquiry, but I recently noticed that the exact functionality you are looking for is now available in Excel Online. By simply setting the cell number format to Date (any Date format, including custom ones, works) the person entering the date into the cell is prompted with a calendar date picker. 

Hi @EvSchmidt, thanks a lot for sharing! This works very nicely. Is there also an option for Excel Desktop app?

@Rajesh_Sinha Does not work in 64-bit


It is unbelievable that there is no standard solution for regular users without particular knowledge on exotic and hidden menus (developer tab) or VBA.


The solution proposed by @peiyezhu is a work around for sure but it is as elegant as effective!

Winner of the oscar for best Excel Work Around! (and shame on Microsoft)



The link is no longer working you may please reshare it?




 It is working at my side.