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Excel - Data Validation - I have a spreadsheet that I have created - I created the data validation ( Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Transfer, Blank or Week 1 - Week 17) but when I attempt to use the filter it will only filter the first 8 weeks.

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How the filter is connected to data validation? Or you mean size of the drop-down list?

@Sergei Baklan The size appears to be fine as it allowed me to choose all the correct drop downs. The filer is just through the filter tab which has its own drop down. When clicking on that drop down it provides the correct groups to filter. However, when it process it only filters correctly 8 rows and then the remaining rows are as if the filter stopped. 



As variant filtering could not be applied to entire range, whatever. Could you please submit sample file to illustrate the issue?

Hi @Sergei Baklan  out of frustration and time I just deleted what I had and started over. Thanks for trying!