Entering Files via their Paths

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How do I list all of the subfolders within the subfolders of a parent folder. Is there anyway to list them all by both file path and name (on two separate rows) without having to list them one by one? 


I don't have admin access so I can't use the command window only the excel window. 


Also is there anyway to figure out if there is a specific file within those folders because I tried searching the entire file name but the list didn't tell me which folder the files were in without opening and searching for the location of said files. 


How would I list all of the files that have letters next to them by their file paths 



--Main Folder       

----Parent Folder 1

-----------Folder 1.a

-----------Folder 1.b

----Parent Folder 2

------------Folder 2.a

------------Folder 2.b


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@o-mario64  Perhaps you can achieve what you need with Power Query (PQ). You can connect to all files in the Main Folder and all of its sub-folders .Normally you would then filter for similar files and combine them in some way, but that's not what you need. Just establishing the connection is enough. Excel/PQ will show a table with all files in and 'below' the Main folder with info on file type, creation date, full folder path and much more. Load that table back to Excel and use it to do your search from there.


The good thing is that you can Refresh the query and your Excel table will be updated as well.