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This is the first time to use "Employee attendance tracker"


I want to change the format of the weekday to start from "Friday":"Thursday" instead of "Sunday":"Saturday"


Note: I tried to rename the weekdays but it considers them as repeated so it adds 2 to the new name, i.e. If i renamed "SUN" to "FRI" the next Friday will be renamed "FRI2" and then "FRI3" and so on




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@MOIA_2020 Have seen this one before. It's full with tricks and hidden "treasures". Personally, I find it quite useless. But to address your problem, the headers are NOT the same. They have added a space for every repeated day. So, the first Sunday it's "SUN" the next one is "SUN " and the next "SUN  " etc. And the formulae that checks the day of the week only use the first three characters.


What you need to do is just fill the row as you did and do Find&Replace. Find 2 and replace it by a space, find 3 and replace it by two spaces etc.


Great! That's a good idea. Thanks a lot.

@Riny_van_Eekelen is there a way to change the calendar function to a fiscal year? Our fiscal year runs April 2022 - March 2023. It would be great to have stats from the fiscal year and not calendar year.


You could begin by dragging the first three rows in the table (i.e. B6:AR9) to the bottom so that you will end up with a calendar from April to March. But then you have to increase the year number by 1 in the DATE functions in the first six and last six columns on the bottom three rows.

For instance, cell C15 (January) will then look like this:




Otherwise the January row will still refer to 2022 where you want it to be 2023.


It should work but you need to test it thoroughly and I can't guarantee that it will not have any side affects elsewhere. This particular template is built with quit ancient techniques, one of the worst I've seen. 


@Riny_van_Eekelen Thank you. I will give it a try. Is there a newer template you would suggest using that isn't using old techniques?

@TrevorJB Sorry, no. I would probably create something myself. something simple, flexible and easy to maintain.