Double Xlookup with Wildcards

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I am having trouble with adding a wildcard to my Xlookup formula. When it is using the exact text "Deliver" or a cell reference it works fine but as soon as I try to add a * wildcard before or after it errors out. So my question is, can you add wildcards to the following formula? 


I would like the ability to get a return on "4am Delivery" or "Delivery of Casegoods" etc


Thanks in advance.

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@JaseBass Perhaps like this?


 Not sure though where "4am Delivery" or "Delivery of Casegoods" comes in here.


Added "-", just to show that no match was found.

Sorry for the confusion, I had changed "Deliver" to my cell reference G$1. If I type in the exact match of Deliver I get the date returned but anything that deviates from the exact match I get nothing. Some times the user needs to be more specific than just Deliver.
= XLOOKUP("*deliver*", IF(Dates>=TODAY(), Events), Dates, "In past", 2, 1)
Because each row could have multiple instances of "Deliver" it is ignoring everything in the past and only needs to return the next instance. I will try this out.


As variant


  next, --(Dates>=TODAY()),
  flag, IFERROR(SEARCH(G1,DeliveryData),0),
  ind,  SEQUENCE(,COLUMNS(Dates)),
  pos,  MMULT(ind*flag,TRANSPOSE(next)),


Your solution helped with the wildcard after "Deliver" but nothing for before. It also returns a combined total if more than one instance is observed. I will see if I can tweak it.
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You should specify the desired results.

=XLOOKUP(1,(Dates>=$E$1)*ISNUMBER(SEARCH($G$1,C4:Q4)),Dates,"no match",0,-1)


Hi Detlef, with a couple of tweaks I managed to get your solution to work exactly how we need it to. Many thanks.