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The problem of switching the day and year when writing the date

i wanted yyyy/mm/dd 

10 February 2021 ( 21/2/10)

it appears 21/02/2010

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You should enter the date according to your system date format, and format the cell according to the way you want it displayed.

So if your system uses dd/mm/yyyy, you should enter 10/2/21 and format the cell as yyyy/mm/dd.

@Hans Vogelaar 

thank you for quickly reply

system date now 05/05/2023

how can I set date format

from custom format or date 


Select the cell or cells in which you want to enter dates.

Press Ctrl+1 to activate the Format Cell dialog.

Activate the Number tab (if it isn't already active).

Select Custom in the Category list.

Enter yyyy/mm/dd in the Type box, then click OK.


You'll still have to enter the date as 5/5/23 or 05/05/2023 or 5-May-23.

The value will be displayed as 05/05/2023 in the formula bar, and as 2023/05/05 in the cell itself.

Thank you very much
It solved for the current day date but still wrong for the date 14/02/2021 it appears 14/2/21


That makes me think your system date format is m/d/yyyy or a variation thereof.

If that is correct, you have to enter the 14th of February 2021 as 2/14/21